Reasoning, Judgments, And Decision Making

You have been dating your significant other for six months when she/he cheats on you with your best friend. After a lot of fighting, you decide to give the relationship a second try, but you tell your partner, “If you cheat on me again, I will leave you!” Three months later, you tell your partner that you are leaving her/him. Did she/he cheat on you? Explain, as it relates to what form of reasoning.


Typical Reasoning
The results of this lab show that we make judgments about people, events, and behaviors based on what we think should happen. We may be correct in our judgments sometimes, but our decision-making strategies may be flawed by heuristics or short cuts. Some of these judgment errors occur because memories are more available (availability heuristic) or they seem more representative or typical of a population (representative heuristic). The result of these errors could be seen in the form of discrimination and stereotyping groups of individuals.

Question: If I were flipping a coin 10 times, which of these two scenarios is more likely to happen?

  1. H H H H H T T T T T
  2. H T H H T H T T H T
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