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By Day 6

Respond to at least one of your colleagues’ initial Discussion assignment postings in one of the following ways:

  1. Support or offer a different perspective to a colleague’s posting on his or her selections of the variable possibly responsible for the spurious correlation or the extraneous variable.
  2. Suggest an alternative spurious variable, or extraneous variable, that may explain relationsSocial media causing poor mental health


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    In this study researcher claim there is a correlation between high social media use and poor mental health (depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc.). Participants were asked to limit their time on each social media app to 10 minutes a day and then provide the researchers the data on their phones. Researchers found that the participants who limited their time on social media felt significantly better after a three-week period, reporting reduced depression (Walton, 2018).

    The predictor variable in this study is the participants cell phone use, more specifically, their time on social media applications. The outcome variable is their mental health, with less time on social media poor mental health should increase and decrease the presences of depression, anxiety and loneliness.

    According to the data provided “People who limited their social media use to 30 minutes … reported less FOMO and less anxiety in the end, which the team suggests may just be a resulting of benefits of increased self-monitoring.” (para. 4). This means there is a positive correlation in this study, as the self-control and self-monitoring increase the outcome variable increases, their mental health improves.

    My proposed extraneous variable for this study is 140 undergraduate participants could be struggling with poor mental health due to their course load or schoolwork. As a fellow undergraduate I know how stressful college can be and with multiple classes with coursework daily I could find myself depressed due to lack of social interaction. Extraneous variables “may reduce the likelihood of finding a significant correlation…they can cause changes in the outcome variable.” (Stangor, 2015, p. 175) it is possible that the undergraduates were finishing up their course causing an increase of positive mental health.





    Stangor, C. (2015). Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences (5th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning

    Walton, A. G. (2018, November 18). New Studies Show Just How Bad Social Media Is For Mental Health. Retrieved May 6, 2020, from



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