Self-Reflection Corrupted: The Killing Nurses of the Third ReichReadings,Videos (by Topic):Module 5 PPTResearch Study ExemplarHistory of Research EthicsHistorical Perspective1. Research Ethics (video: 9:38)Medical Research Atrocities1. Nazi Experiments (1943-1945) (url)2. Tuskegee Syphilis Study (1932-1972) (url)3. Willowbrook Study (1956-1970) (url)4. Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital Study (1962-1963) (url)5. Unethical Research by Nazis (video: 7:00)6. The Dark History of Medical Experimentation (video: 12:32) Start:7. Timeline of Ethics in Nursing Research (url)Research Ethics in Nursing1. Ethical Principles (jpeg: image)Research Codes and RegulationsCodes and Regulations to Establish Research Ethics1. Nuremberg Code (url)2. Nuremberg Code: Key Ideas (image: png)3. Declaration of Helsinki (url)4. Declaration of Helsinki: Key Ideas (image: png)5. Belmont Report (url)6. Belmont Report: Principles (image: png)7. Common Rule (url)8. ANA Code of Ethics, Provision 7b. (image: png)Institutional Review BoardProtection of Human Subjects1. Ethical Context of Nursing Research (pdf)Researcher Misconduct1. Research and Publication Ethics (image: jpeg)2. ORI Case Summaries (url)

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