The Harvard Project Implicit IAT.

First, take two of the Harvard Project Implicit (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. tests by going to the website then continue as a “guest.” After taking two of the tests, read through the material under the “Education” tab.
Respond to at least two of your classmates’ initial posts throughout the week by noting how their perspective is the same or different than yours. Each of your responses should be at least 100 words long. Both your initial post and your responses should refer both to your own experience and to content from readings, media, or websites.
Responses Checklist:

  • Did you respond to two or more classmates throughout the week?
  • Did you use scholarly resources to support your work?
  • Did you discuss each area in the instruction and Grading Rubric?
  • Did you use APA?

Classmates post:
The Harvard Project Implicit IAT.
I was not sure what the test or questions was going to be about, however I chose to do my first test on past and present of the Presidents of the United States. I thought the past President would have been Barack Obama, but instead it was John F Kennedy and our new President Donald Trump. After taking the test, it showed how I was more favor over John F Kennedy, than Donald Trump. My thoughts were a test was not needed, to tell how I feel about our new President of the United States. The new President of the United States does not care about his actions, or how he hurts people with the words that comes out of his derogatory mouth. I guess he has forgot this is America the land of the free. I really dislike when people want Donald Trump to apologize. The Data System indicated that I was highly in favor of John F Kennedy than Donald Trump. After I listened to my mother and aunts they have indicated that John F Kennedy was advocate for the Black’s. That’s why I choose him to be good and Donald Trump to be bad.
The second test I picked is weapons. I really did not like the second choice because there were two different colors used. Black and White and weapons. I do not know who came up with the data analysis, the concept of that idea was very wrong. In today’s society, as a black person we deal with violence all the time, and to we are stereotyped as well, but to do a research article and compare those three things together is just wrong. I
also noticed how they are trying to play with your mind, because the E and the I were switched up. E was for good and I was for bad. But after thinking things over, I notice it was to stimulate the brain. This is just my thought.

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