I love the idea of shared governance and our department has been in the process of getting this started. Unfortunately, not happening as fast as we would like. However, in the past few months about 4 other coworkers and myself developed a “retention committee” to boost morale, acknowledge coworkers, and welcome new coworkers. There has been some negativity in the department and some employees do not feel appreciated. We have been meeting monthly now and so far have developed a board to recognize birthdays each month. We have also developed a praise board. And we create gift bags (full of nursing supplies) for new grads/employees. So far staff really enjoy everything. The next big project is working on a team bonding event. We have a sister hospital in which we are required to float to sometimes. The staff hate floating back and forth. So we have decided to put together a bonding event where employees from both departments can attend and socialize with other coworkers in hopes to help build relationships to defeat the negative stigma that comes with floating to the other campus.

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