The student will combine class resources and additional outside research (at least ten additional scholarly sources) to develop a paper between 12 and 15 pages in length (not including title page, abstract, and references), and with at least 10 references, in addition to any from the course’s texts, from an area of Adult/Familial trauma mentioned in the course literature. Summarize your understanding of the nature and causes of trauma in general, as well as one specific type of trauma. Include causes, description of symptoms, short and long term effects, overview of possible treatment methodologies, and an in-depth look at one recommended treatment. Consult the instructor if uncertain about the appropriateness of the topic. Please use APA throughout, and consult the grading rubric if uncertain of areas required and aspects of APA which will be examined during grading. The grading rubric will illustrate areas which need to be included and particulars to be addressed.

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