Treatment plan development with goals and measurable objectives

3 page paper
Present a mutually developed and agreed upon intervention strategy with specific goals and objective. Provide a rationale for your selection.
Describe your intervention from beginning to end, including termination. How did you help the client prevent or resolve problems? How did you negotiate mediate and advocate for your client. Select and discuss at least 3 practice skills (micro/macro) used in your intervention with the client.
Write a critique of your work with the client. What did you do well in terms of the intervention? What could have been done to improve the outcomes with the client? How was the intervention empowering? How may it have been discriminatory or oppressive?
Provide a discussion of whether the intervention was developed from a theoretical practice model. If so, which practice theory? If not, what practice theory could have been used to facilitate better outcomes? Regardless, analyze and provide evidence-based knowledge about the theory-based intervention (used or proposed) and its effectiveness.
Here are the section headings (in red) you should have to get maximum credit–3 points per section. Have one certain intervention in mind when you write this section—Cognitive behavior theory (CBT), Motivational interviewing (MI), , Solution Focused, Strengths based, etc.
Treatment plan development with goals and measurable objectives
For example:
Goal: Increase and practice ability to manage anger:
Objectives: (pick one or two) These will be used to write your evaluation section, so the more measurable the better. SMART objectives are explained in another file under Course Materials
-In the next 2 weeks, the Client is able to walk away from situations that trigger strong emotions as measured by a client observation checklist 100% of the time.
-During the next 30 days, the client will be 90% free of tantrums/explosive episodes measured by self report and client incident sheet documentation.
-In the next week the client will learn two positive anger management skills and be able to discuss these with the therapist 100% of the time when asked.
Intervention description—describe the detailed implementation of the intervention selected
3 Intervention skills describe 3 intervention skills used based on the intervention selected (in TF CBT, for example, you might pick a relaxation exercise, trauma narrative and cognitive challenging).
Intervention strengths and weaknesses what are the benefits (=strengths) or not (= weaknesses of using this intervention with the client?
Theory behind the intervention what is the theory behind the intervention—who researched it for clients like yours and what are the results of these studies? This section can be moved toward the beginning of the section if that helps. Please cite your references and add a reference list at the end.

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