Wearable technology

As an HIM professional, it is important to realize that cybersecurity is a real problem in healthcare. The Internet of Things may allow medical devices and consumer wearables to interconnect with hospital EHRs. However, the current state of security contained in many medical devices create a risk of providing hackers easy access to steal massive amounts of sensitive data from healthcare provider’s systems.Watch the following video:Todd Coleman on health tech tattoosIt is vital that health care management stay ahead of the security curve at the cusp of an explosion of personal, wearable technology.Determine the risks involved with wearable technology.Include the following aspects in the assignment:Ø  Do you currently use any wearable technology?Ø  How do you view the security behind wearable technology?Ø  View the following site:Apple Health KitØ  Are there assurances regarding security about these products?Ø  Reflect on whether the benefit of wearables outweigh the riskØ  How might you as a HIM professional address this remarkable advancement in health care yet mitigate (decrease) the risks?Ø  This is an informal reflection paper of 1-2 pages. Cite any references used. As always, proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling is required

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